Download a VPN client for your OS

Download latest EZ Connect™ Suite (windows Windows 10 and above)

If you want to connect to an EZ Box, you need an OpenVPN client.

We strongly suggest that you use our EZ Connect™ client; EZ Connect™ allows you to log in and to have all your remote locations at a glance. With EZ Connect™, you need to click the "connect" button, and you will be connected.

At the moment, EZ Connect™ Suite is available only for Windows 10 and above (macOS and Linux versions are coming soon). If you are not on Windows 10 or above, you need to install any other OpenVPN client available. You can find below a list of certified clients.

EZ Connect™ (windows Windows 10 and above)

    Install EZ Connect™ Suite if you need an EZ VPN client.

    EZ Connect™ Suite embeds OpenVPN 2.5.3, and you do not install anything else to be up and running.

    Download latest EZ Connect™ Suite

    For advanced users

    If you already have an OpenVPN GUI in place, in use for other purposes, you can install the stripped off "client only" version.

    EZ Connect™ Client does not contain any OpenVPN dependency; it needs an OpenVPN service to work correctly.

    Download latest EZ Connect™ Client

If otherwise, you prefer to keep using your OpenVPN client, no worries, you can download your certificate, import into your preferred client, and you are all set.

Other certified OpenVPN clients

linux Linux

  • Install OpenVPN 2.4 from your repo

  • Do not use Network Manager, see FAQ